This is a type poster that salutes those who work in the back of the house. Dishwashing is more than just washing dishes during the entire work shift. We're responsible for the welfare of the entire kitchen. If you're not afraid of the health inspector then you're obviously doing a good job.

As with many jobs, it's important to "work smart." I would use leftover milkshake mix to cut through grease. This sounds odd, but it's quite effective. It's also a nice way to cool off your hands while enduring the steam facial of constant running hot water running through your day/night. There are other interesting methods that made some parts of the job easier, but only fellow kitchen workers can understand.

About the poster ? The concept came from a past interview. A person that interviewed me actually asked "what a dishwasher actually does." Needless to say, I gave them a lengthy educated response to what they perceived as a simple, low paying job that minorities are meant to work in. 

While I was working out this piece, the thought of those nauseating motivational posters came to mind. Are those things meant to inspire people that are burnt out or ready to resign or quit ? Designing a poster that kept it real and helps the reader (and possibly another dishwasher) relate was my goal.
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